marți, 25 aprilie 2017

Megalitics Star Forts in Romania "Bastion Theresia Timisoara" - Atributed to the Wrong Person

Here is the accepted History of the fortress:

"Around the 12th Century was Timișoara's first strengthened fortress built. It lodged several voivodes, but its development started in the 14th Century, under the reign of Carol Robert de Anjou, period when, amid 1316-1323, Timisoara became the capital of the Hungarian Kingdom. In 1552 the fortress was conquered by the Ottomans. Under their ruling the town was surrounded by a wattle wall and ditch with water.

Austria-Hungary, often referred to as the Austro-Hungarian Empire existed from 1867 to 1918, when it collapsed as a result of defeat in World War I.

So the buildings attributed to Maria Theresa Born on 13 May 1717 AD Died At Age 63.

Maria Theresa is known as the Empress who ruled the Holy Roman Empire and was the de facto ruler of much of Europe throughout her lifetime. As the eldest surviving child of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI, Maria was not originally expected to ever inherit her father's throne. But when her father failed to produce any male children, Maria was formally trained in statecraft and the arts of governance. When her prospective groom, Leopold Clement, died from an illness, she eventually married his younger brother. After Maria's father died, several neighboring kings took the opportunity to invade her lands. Although she started off with a depleted treasury and limited leadership experience, Maria Theresa soon proved her mettle by doubling the empire's income and raising a large standing army. 
After a series of disastrous wars destroyed half of Europe, Maria found that her empire had emerged relatively unscathed. Using her intellect and education, Maria initiated a renaissance in her empire and implemented several important educational and judicial reforms. After successfully marrying off her surviving children to the royal houses of Europe, Maria Theresa died peacefully in her bed, one of the most powerful female monarchs of the early modern era. "

None of the dates correspond. A star fort of the dimensions of the star for of Timisoara or Arad or Alba Iulia could not have being built during the Maria Theresa reign. or the Austro Hungarian period.
They came here to steal and conquer  not to build.

They gave the name to the existing buildings.

Another theory about these Star forts is that they are built long time ago by a civilization much more advanced. Star forts exists around the world from Japan South America Russia North America and all over Europe.

One theory is that the star forts were used as power plant by the initial builders. The format do not correspond to a fortress used for war.

All the star forts were built on water and have a specific format,  land alternating with water and land again an water again; some theory say that the format of the star forts could have been used as a power plant that used sound as source of energy.

Some of these star forts are systematically destroyed in other parts of the globe, other so called researchers are searching the device that produce energy or electricity or sound. Some other people and nations just forgot the initial intent or use of these star forts.